Lac Line Stock
Stratigraphic label: [narc]lin
Map symbol: nAlin

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Informal subdivision(s)
Numbering does not necessarily reflect the stratigraphic position.
Author(s):Pilote et al., 1984
Stratotype:The type outcrop 2003-FL-132 corresponds to stripping TR99-31 performed by SOQUEM (UTM NAD83, Zone 18: 548688 m E, 5533292 m N). It consists of coarse-grained tonalite containing pyroxenite enclaves, cut by a chlorite veinlet stockwerk and pyrite-chalcopyrite-malachite veins.
Type area:2 km north of the city of Chibougamau, in QTS sheet 32G16-200-0201
Geological province:Superior Province
Geological subdivision:Abitibi Subprovince
Lithology:Tonalite, syenite


The Lac Line Stock was first mentioned by Pilote et al. (1984).



The Lac Line Stock consists of three phases (Pilote et al., 1984; Pilote, 1986; Côté-Mantha, 2009): (a) even-grained to porphyritic tonalite containing up to 10% biotite and amphibole; (b) acicular amphibole porphyritic syenite, observed locally; and (c) diorite and gabbro changing gradually over a few metres to even-grained tonalite. The even-grained tonalite facies dominate in the western portion of the stock, while porphyritic facies dominate from Belle Bay Lake.


Thickness and distribution

The Lac Line Stock is irregularly shaped and extends between Line Lake and Cran Penché Bay for 3.7 km.


A tonalite sample yielded an age of 2707.6 ±1.4 Ma (Côté-Mantha, 2009).

Isotopic SystemMineralCrystallization Age (Ma)(+)(-)Reference(s)
U-PbZircon2707.61.41.4Côté-Mantha, 2009

Stratigraphic Relationship(s)

The Lac Line Stock cuts volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Bruneau and Blondeau formations, as well as mafic to ultramafic intrusive rocks of the Cummings Intrusive Suite. It is unconformably overlain by Paleoproteozoic sedimentary rocks of the Chibougamau Formation.


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Other publications

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