Manereuille Complex
Stratigraphic label: [ppro]man
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Author:Girard, 1995
Type area:Déborah Lake area (NTS sheet 23P05)
Geological province:Churchill Province
Geological subdivision:Rachel-Laporte Lithotectonic Domain
Lithology:Volcano-sedimentary rocks, mafic and ultramfic intrusions


The Manereuille Complex was defined by Girard (1995) to describe an informal package of rocks of various composition spatially grouped along the eastern boundary of the Déborah Lake area (sheet 23P05). This sequence of interstratified rocks included metasedimentary rocks, amphibolites, and ultramafic and mafic intrusions. An unpublished regional compilation by the Ministère’s geologists in 2003 formalized the use of the term “Manereuille Complex” and subdivided it into 13 separate units (pPman1 to pPman13). As part of the Southeastern Churchill Province (SECP) synthesis, Lafrance et al. (2018) identified new lithotectonic domains within the SECP and moved the boundary between the Rachel-Laporte and Baleine lithotectonic domains to the west.


Reasons for Abandon

Following displacement of the boundary between the Rachel-Laporte and Baleine domains to the east, rocks of the Manereuille Complex were reassigned to units of the Baleine Lithotectonic Domain. The Manereuille Complex consisted of numerous units of various origins. Field checks conducted as part of the SECP synthesis allowed for a new interpretation of these units and their reassignment to appropriate units. Depending on rock type, units of the Manereuille Complex were reassigned to the following units: 1) amphibolites of the Curot Suite (ApPcut), 2) metasedimentary rocks of the Akiasirviup Suite (ApPaki) and 3) mafic and ultramafic intrusive rocks of the Ralleau Suite (ApPral).

Revised UnitsAbandoned UnitsReferences
ApPcut1pPman1Girard, 1995
ApPcut1dpPman7Girard, 1995
ApPaki1pPman6Girard, 1995
ApPaki2apPman2Girard, 1995
pPman3Girard, 1995
ApPaki3pPman4Girard, 1995
ApPaki4bpPman13Girard, 1995
ApPaki4cpPman12Girard, 1995
ApPral1pPman5Girard, 1995
ApPral2apPman10Girard, 1995
ApPral2bpPman9Girard, 1995



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