Grandroy Stock
Stratigraphic label: [narc]ggr
Map symbol: nAggr

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Informal subdivision(s)
Numbering does not necessarily reflect the stratigraphic position.
Author(s): Graham, 1952
Age: Neoarchean
Stratotype: None
Type area: Area north of Hématite Bay, in QTS sheet 32G16-200-0202.
Geological province: Superior Province
Geological subdivision: Abitibi Subprovince
Lithology: Granodiorite
Category: Lithodemic
Rank: Lithodeme
Status: Formal
Use: Active


The first description of the Grandroy Stock was given by Graham (1952).



The intrusion consists of coarse-grained grey granodiorite in fresh exposure. Fracturing the rock results in alteration to chlorite, epidote and hematite giving the rock a beige to pink patina.


Thickness and distribution

The Grandroy Stock outcrops primarily on the shores of Hématite Bay (Chibougamau Lake), but some outcrops attributed to this stock have also been identified south of Bear Bay. The northern limit of the Grandroy Stock is marked by the Grondines Shear Zone.



Stratigraphic Relationship(s)

North of Hématite Bay, the Grandroy Stock cuts mafic volcanic rocks of the David Member, volcanoclastic rocks of the Allard Member (2726.7 ±0.7 Ma; Leclerc et al., 2011) and mafic volcanic rocks of the Bruneau Formation (2724.4 ±1.2 Ma; Davis et al., 2014). West of Mount Sorcier, following Bear Bay, the Grandroy Stock cuts rocks of the Lac Doré Intrusive Suite anorthositic zone (2728.3 +1.2/-1.1 to 2727.0 ±1.3 Ma; Mortensen, 1993).


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Publications available through SIGÉOM Examine

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Other publications



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