Pisim Pluton
Stratigraphic label: [narc]psm
Map symbol: nApsm

First published: 4 December 2020
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Informal subdivision(s)
Numbering does not necessarily reflect the stratigraphic position.
Author: Beauchamp, 2020
Age: Neoarchean
Stratotype: None
Type area: Cadieux Lake area (NTS sheet 33A02)
Geological province: Superior Province
Geological subdivision: Opinaca Subprovince
Lithology: Tonalite and granodiorite
Category: Lithodemic
Rank: Lithodeme
Status: Formal
Use: Active






Hocq (1985) assigned felsic rocks outcropping in the Otish Mountains from the south part of sheets 33A01 and 33A02 to the Lac Barou Massif. This massif was decomposed into several units during the summer 2017 Ministère‘s mapping of sheet 33A01 (Beauchamp et al., 2018). The Barou Intrusion and Martel Pluton were then introduced. Mapping of sheet 33A02 allowed for the creation of a distinct unit at the western end of the Otish Mountains, the Pisim Pluton, which consists of tonalite and granodiorite (Beauchamp, 2020).



The rock is very homogeneous and consists of weakly foliated medium-grained tonalite and granodiorite. The rock is pale grey to whitish grey in altered patina and fresh exposure. Plagioclase damouritization gives a greenish colour to the rock in fresh exposure. The Pisim Pluton contains 5 to 15% ferromagnesian minerals (biotite ± hornblende ± magnetite). Sericite-calcite ± hematite alteration is common in this unit. Staining reveals that the rock is rather poor in K-feldspar. Indeed, the microcline content varies between 2 and 15%. The Pisim Pluton is cut by a weakly hematitized massive granite that contains biotite ± hornblende ± magnetite.


From a geochemical perspective (Beauchamp, 2020), rocks of the Pisim Pluton are of calc-alkaline affinity (Frost et al., 2001). They are peraluminous and type I (Maniar and Picolli, 1989). They fall in the volcanic arc granite field (Pearce et al., 1984). The rare earth profile shows light rare earth enrichment over heavy rare earths and a small positive Eu anomaly. Negative anomalies in Th, Nb and Sm, and positive anomalies in La, Ce, Zr and Hf are present on spider diagrams normalized to the primitive mantle (McDonough and Sun, 1995).


Thickness and Distribution

The Pisim Pluton is located at the top of the Otish Mountains, more specifically at its western end (SE portion of sheet 33A02). It measures 4.5 km by 2.5 km. 



Stratigraphic Relationship(s)

The Pisim Pluton cuts metasedimentary rocks of the Laguiche Complex and intrudes the Martel Suite to the east.


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Publications Available Through Sigéom Examine

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