Surficial Landforms

The surface morphologies theme includes geomorphological features that characterize the territory. These features describe landforms, sediments or locations where specific data have been collected in the field. They are represented on surficial maps as a polygon, line or point and are superimposed on morphosedimentological areas. Surface morphologies are divided into several categories reflecting their origin (e.g. glacial landforms, alluvial landforms, etc.).

The list of symbols is also available in PDF format.

Anthropogenic Landforms (ANT)

Aeolian Landforms (EOL)

Slope Landforms (VER)

Periglacial Landforms (PER)

Alluvial Landforms (ALL)

(Glacio)lacustrine or (Glacio)marine Landforms (LAC)

Glaciofluvial Landforms (FLU)

Glacial Landforms (GLA)

Bedrock Landforms (SOC)