Français Showing, Anomalous and Significant Thresholds for Metallic Substances in the SIGÉOM Table of Showing, Anomalous and Significant ThresholdsShowing ThresholdsShowing thresholds for  were defined in the past to indicate whether one of these substances was of economic interest. In 2023, due to the growing interest in critical and strategic minerals, showing thresholds were added for other elements such […]
6 November 2023
Geology map of Québec
Français  Geological Map of Québec 2022 EditionPDF version Open in Interactive Map  Geological mapping of a territory as vast as Québec’s, with a surface area of nearly 1.7 million km2, is a major challenge, but one that is essential for advancing geological knowledge and stimulating research and mineral exploration. The current geological coverage is the result […]
20 February 2023
Structural Measurements
Structural Measurements on Outcrops (Right Hand Rule)
8 July 2021